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Our Males
George & Karen Brausen

124 Lindsey Cemetery Road
Madisonville, TN 37354

Karen Cell 865-441-2362
George Cell 865-441-1726

Email Karen spike85@valleytel.net
"AKC White Gold Rush", AKA "Ed" is an AKC Male Golden Retriever. (Ed is not related to the "Gold Rush" Golden Retrievers..)  We will occasionally be breeding him to select female Sport Retrievers, for 75% "Miniature Golden Retrievers". Mostly for keeper females for us, to breed back to our little male, "Pepper", who is just 25% Golden Retriever, to get back to our 50% Sport Retrievers. However, extra puppies out of Ed will be available! Ed is short, but stocky. He is a very friendly, loving, gentle, boy, that just loves toys! Currently, our little Ellie is his very best doggy friend! He loves all people! Very smart, easy to train, and a very easy going boy!
"Blue Buddy Boy" AKA "Buddy", is a blue merle and a blue roan parti male Sport Retriever, out of Sprite & Blue, born on Easter, March 31st, 2013. Buddy is 50% Golden Retriever, and very close to 25% American Cocker and 25% English Cocker. Buddy is a very friendly, playful, quiet, smart, easy to train, social, small boy! I tried for 12 years to get both, a blue roan and blue roan coloring on one single dog! Buddy is the first pup to have both colorings! He is just stunning in very light to dark shades of blue! Buddy can produce blue eyed puppies. Buddy is technically owned by our son, Baron. However, we wil also be breeding to him here & there. Buddy is located in TN.
"Peppermint" is a cream roan male Sport Retriever. He is planned to breed to our keeper females out of Ed, for very light cream colored puppies. He is very small, playful, sweet and gentle!
"Lucky Dill" AKA "Dill", is a beautiful, small gold male. Dill is actually 50% English Cocker, with Nutmeg as his dam. Then 25% Golden Retriever and 25% American Cocker, with Tonka being his sire. Dill is owned by our daughter, Ayla, and is mostly planned to breed her little Gracie. However, we may also be breeding to him here & there. Dill is located in TN. See their web site at: www.miniretriever.com
"Little Gold Nugget" AKA "Nugget" is a gold male Miniature Golden Retriever. He is not as dark of a red color as we had hoped he would be. However, we still have a lot of hope that he will be able to produce red puppies when bred to our red females, since he does have some very dark red bloodlines! He is mostly planned to breed our keeper daughters out of Tonka!
"Little Red Caboose" AKA "Red", red male, out of Cola and Tonka, born on June 21st, 2015. Smallest of this litter! Red stayed very small, and he loves toys! He is a happy, very cute little boy!
"Tonka Toy" AKA "Tonka", Gold Male, born December 29th, 2011, out of Tucker & Tiara. Tonka is not related to any of our females, except for any daughters of his that we have or plan to keep. Tonka is a calm, sweet, loving, playful boy! He loves to play fetch, and his whole body wiggles when he wags his tail! Tonka is now located in South Dakota! He is owned by our son, Gage.
"Benji Brown", chocolate male, out of Maggie and Nugget, born on March 19th, 2016. Smallest of this litter! 62.5% Golden Retriever. We really look forward to the variety of colors that he was bred to produce!
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