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All puppies are registered! These puppies are all dog door trained! So, they are used to only going potty outside. UTD on vaccinations for their age, dewormer, flea and tick prevention.

All are located in TN! Shipping or delivery is available at additional costs!

These puppies may start more training soon, at which time their prices may increase?

Any puppy can be picked up at its location, or shipping or meeting/delivery is possible.

Make sure fill out the puppy contract!
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Puppies on this page are the perfect ages to go to their new homes! By the ages that they are now, they are old enough to learn to sleep through the night very quickly! They are at the age that a puppy needs to be to be ready to learn! To quickly get the concept of housetraining, since they are all dog door trained, and used to only going potty outside. Friendly, well socialized puppies, who are up to date on vacciantions and deworming. 
All puppies on this page are weaned, and can leave anytime now! If you would like to come and choose a puppy in person, we do prefer at least 1 day notice, and do need to know what day and time you plan to come! Do plan your arrival between 1 pm and 6 pm, on whichever day works for you and us! 
Puppies cannot be shipped by plane at this time due to  COVID-19

Pick up, meeting, delivery, and/or ground shipping are still possible options.

Bea's, Cheyenne's, Domino's, and Frankie's puppies on the "New Litters" page are ready to leave now!

George & Karen Brausen

124 Lindsey Cemetery Road
Madisonville, TN 37354

George Cell 865-441-1726

Email: dakotasportretriever@gmail.com
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