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Hi Karen,

My family purchased our Sport Retriever nearly a year ago already!  We call her Calliope (Callie), but you probably remember her as Cyan.  I just thought I'd share with you how much we love her!  She is quite smart, though she still has those "puppy" moments.  And her coloring is so beautiful!  We get complements every time we take her out! She is so easy going and quiet when it is not play time.  People are always so impressed by her age and manners. She truly is a wonderful dog!

Thank You,
The Hadley Family
Callie is a blue roan female out of Remi & Blue.
Hi Karen

When do you recommend having Walter neutered?

I'm just loving my boy.

Thank you

Walter is a blue merle with tan markings, male out of Snickers & Blue.
Oreo is just as we got him, except bigger!  He is absolutely wonderful and exceptionally people-friendly!  Due to his unusual color and looks, we really cannot go for a walk on any main street anywhere without people coming up to pet him and after exclaiming "What a beautiful dog!", asking what kind he is.   We always explain about the Dakota Sport Retrievers and tell them to just search for that online.  I have often thought about just making up some cards!  He loves to play and run, and can he jump!  We will have to send you some pictures......Gregg
Oreo is a blue roan male out of Cocoa & Blue.
Hi Karen! 
  I thought you may like to see some pics of Kimber! She truly is an amazing puppy! She graduated from puppy school this week. She listens well and is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous.
Kimber is a black female out of Stormy Sky & Blue.

I still check your website and saw all the new puppies! Makes me want to get another one already!! Haha Cooper is doing great just wanted to share some picture. :)

Cooper at his vet visit

He loves the cold tile floor more than his bed haha

Playing nicely with the other dogs. He doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body even when a little Westie growled and nipped at him.

Hope you have a good holiday season!

Cooper is a gold/red male out of Cola & Al.

Cooper update below!
HI Karen,

Lily is doing well. Going through her first heat. 9 months old. She's a lil lady now. Do you know when Al was born? Here are some pics of Luke and Lily.
Lily is a light gold female out of Gemma & Al.

Wanted to give you an update on Cooper (from Cola and Al's litter last year). It's his birthday today and he's now 1 year old :) amazing dog, playful, not aggressive, sweet cuddler and avid swimmer, loved family member :)
Hi Karen!

Hope all is well with you.  I had a question for you - about how long do you keep your DSRs on puppy food?  Macie is coming up on 11 months, and she seems to be getting bored with her puppy food, doesn't want to eat much of it anymore.  Was just wondering if it was OK to switch her over to adult food since it seems she is done growing.

Also I attached some pics for you of sweet lady, Macie. She is the kindest dog ever, and we have nothing but great things to say about our decision to get a dakota sport retriever!  She loves playing fetch,  sticks, swimming, and especially being around people.

Enjoy..and if you could let me know about the puppy food!
Macie is a gold female out of Sprite & Al.
It’s been almost a year since Ace arrived and he has been pure joy.  I thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures:
Ace is a red male out of Ami & Tonka.
Just a little update. Dewey is keeping his name for starters. Nothing else seemed like such a perfect fit. Picked him up at the airport Wed night, took off for a four day camping trip Thursday morning.. No accidents in the house or camper, walks on a leash very nicely and most remarkable to us, he will retrieve his ball and hand it over with almost 100% reliabilty. AMAZING to everyone when they hear how fast he learned this. We never expected anywhere NEAR this amount of intelligence and obedience  from a pup we've had for just 6 days. The picture we're  attaching shows him waiting to go in for lunch on day 3. WOW!!

Thanks for such a great new addition to the family.

PS. Three families have asked us where we got such a cute, smart puppy. Hope they call you!

Mike and Pat Delana

Dewey is a cream male out of Cocoa & Blue.
Hi there!

I wanted to update you on our Dakota Sport Retriever, Stanley. (From Cola and Tonka) He is now 15 months old and we are in love! We wanted to thank you for all of your help with the puppy process.

Here is a picture of Stanley with his summer haircut!  He loves swimming, running and hiking... or relaxing on the couch.

If you ever need any references, please feel free to give out my email or number.

Thanks again,
Hi Karen,

Just wanted to send you an update on Cody (Derby) now that he is a year old.
He is doing very well and is healthy and happy.
The kids love him and shower him with attention.
He spends as much time outside as the weather allows and loves to fetch tennis balls.
He's a beautiful dog and has a great temperament.

Thanks for the great dog. We couldn't be happier with our new family member.
Hello, This is Robin Mullenix, and we bought "Sammy" from you almost 2 years ago.  WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM!  I believe his parents were Al & Sprite.  We named him"BUDDY".
I have a question.  We live in south Texas near the Gulf and it gets very hot here in the summer.  Temperatures have been in mid 90's and VERY humid.  We have never cut his hair and would like to know if you recommend it for this summer heat.  He is indoors  most of the day, but has his play times outside too. 
HE has been a great 1st dog, no problems and I don't know if I would ever want any other dog. 
Thanks for your time in answering our question about trimming his hair. 
I thought you might time to see how much he has grown, and how beautiful he is. 

Good Morning Karen,

I thought you might like an update on "Dole" AKA George Costanza seeing as he recently crossed the 4 month mark (from Al & Cola; picked up on April 5).

He has been great so far. We have been taking him to Puppy Preschool for basic training, and he responds to sit, stay, lay down, paw, and up quite well. We frequently take him to the park, and he loves to play in the lake and stream. He also enjoys pool time (in a kid's pool) and going for runs in our neighborhood. He weighed in at 21.8 pounds at the 4 month mark.

I've attached a few of my favorite photos including George's mugshot, which may be the best picture I've ever taken.

Take care,

Dear Karen
We've got the GMG loaded up and headed for Bear Lake Idaho for 5 months of fun in the mountains and the lake. I'm almost 7 months and I'm   learning to be a good traveler,  any where my mom and dad go I want to go too. Just wanted to say hi and let you know we're a very happy family and I'm a handsome and good boy!!
                      Barks n Links
                Cody, Lynda n Greg

Hi Karen Sparkie is doing so well training him and in the future he will train to b a therapy dog two families who saw Sparkie want dogs just like this wonderful breed love to you for making Sparkie part of our lives
Sparkie is AKA Edison
Hi Karen,
It's been about a year since we have had Lola. What a year it's been, she is adorable, fun and sassy! Today is actually her birthday and we celebrated by going to the dog park, and stopping in at Petco to buy some treats and say hi to her trainer. Lola has been such a blessing to our family! Some of her favorite hobbies are going "by-by",  getting into the garbage when we are not looking, stealing food off the counter when we are in the other room, chasing the cats, chewing shoes, and swimming in the pool. She also likes to sneak out of the house and spend the day inside the neighbors house. If she could, she would live outside. At Christmas we went into the mountains of West Virginia where she was able to see snow for the first time. You would have thought she just entered heaven! Anyways, I wanted to send you an email and let you know how much we are enjoying her. I will send a another email with a few Picts of our princess.


Thought you would like to know how Duncan, now Mateo is doing. He is coming up on his second birthday and we absolutely love him. He is the most well behaved, balanced, gentle dog we have ever been around!!

I know this note is long overdue, but thanks again...

The McDonough's