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George & Karen Brausen

124 Lindsey Cemetery Road
Madisonville, TN 37354
Karen Cell 865-441-2362
George Cell 865-441-1726
Mini Saint Bernards & Mini Saint Berdoodles
Please also go to our Contracts page, and fill out the Puppy Contract, along with the $300 preborn deposit.
Preborn Deposit
Preborn Deposit
Mini Saint Bernards & Mini Saint Berdoodles
At this time, the demand for Miniature Saint Bernard puppies and Miniature Saint Berdoodles is higher then availability. We will have puppies born from mid to late 2020!! If we decide to keep any femlaes,. (we will not be keeping any males this year), we do reserve the right to first pick! However, we will not be keeping females from all litters. Puppies are otherwise always chosen first deposit, first pick. Deposits are accepted! We do currently have a deposit for first pick of a female out of the planned Annie + Chester litter.

Due to COVID-19, we cannot ship by airplane at this time. If you require shipping, you can contact the ground shipper that we have been using, at Or you may find a ground shipper on your own?

In addition to the ground shipper, you must pay, to me, the $50 for the required health certificate, which we will get done for you, at our local vet.

Do put in to schedule plenty early enough so that they can get their route planned! Puppies must at least be weaned in order to be able to leave. We wean at 7 weeks old. 
Health Certificate
Health Certificate
Tilly is due for a litter of Miniature Saint Bernard puppies by Motto, around October 23rd, 2020. This litter will be ready to go by Christmas, or a little before! We rerve the right for pick of the females, if we so choose. Deposits accepted!  
DAM: Tilly                      SIRE: Motto