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Dogs on this page are our breeding females and our future breeding females. These dogs are not for sale. For available puppies and dogs, please go to the "Available" page!

However, we do retire our breeding females, usually from 5 to 6 years old. If you are willing to wait, but really want to reserve a particular girl, you can put a $250 deposit down on her! Exceptions may apply.. It is always best to call, text, or email before placing any deposit! However, a deposit will reserve an adult dog of your choice! 
"Sable Bianca", aka "Bea", sable female Sport Retriever, out of Dusty and Red, born September 24th, 2018. She is 62.5% actual Golden Retriever. Bea is super gentle, loving, very friendly, and a tad bit weird, in a goofy kind of way! Loves to sit on top of her slide toy! We plan to breed Bea to Buck mostly! 
"Foxy Joy", AKA "Foxy", red with white female out of Tinker and Red, born on December 24th, 2018. 43.25% actual Golden Retriever. Expected to mature around 23 to 25 pounds.
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"Dutchess Huntress", AKA "Dutchess", blue merle w/tan markings female out of Chloe and Buddy, born on March 18th, 2019. 43.25% actual Golden Retriever. Expected to mature around 25 to 30 pounds. She always smiles! Everyone loves her!
"Frankie Sinatra", AKA "Frankie" is a red merle female out of Josie and Duncan, born on March 11th, 2019. Rare & unusual coloring! Highly unusual to see the red merle pattern to show up this well! 2 blue eyes are also not at all common! She is around 20/25 pounds. Frankie is tiny, petite, very loving, outgoing, friendly, and she loves to play in water!
Adult Deposit
"Princess Bella Blue" AKA "Bella". blue merle & white parti, with tan markings. Female out of Badger and Buddy born on March 5th, 2017. Tiny, extra colorful and very playful 56.25% Golden Retriever. Water dog!
"Sapphire Blue", aka "Sapphire", blue merle & blue roan w/tan markings, female out of Badger & Buddy. Right eye is blue! Born October 29th, 2019. 56.25% Golden Retriever. Full of personality!
"White Sand", AKA "Sandy", Born August 31st, 2019, out of Max and Bucha. We plan to breed her to Sammy, for very white, high percentage, but small Miniature English Cream Golden Retrievers! Really nice girl! Loves her treats!
"Pixie Girl" AKA "Pixie" is a black & tan female, out of Blue Girl and Duncan, born April 17th, 2020. Pixie is extra itty bitty, super tiny! We may breed her to Scooter. Pretty sure she is all that!
"Jolene Girl" AKA "Jolene" is a chocolate merle female, out of Blue Girl and Duncan, born April 17th, 2020. Extra gentle, sweet girl, just like her momma, Blue Girl! 
"Dolly Star" AKA "Dolly" is a light gold merle female, out of Chloe and Buddy, born June 25th, 2020. 43.25% actual Golden Retriever. Full sister to Dutchess. Cute as a button!
"Fresca Gold" AKA "Fresca" is a gold female, out of Frankie and Sammy, born June 27th, 2020. 76.5% actual Golden Retriever! Hope to breed her to Teddy mostly.
"Misty Of Tennesse" aka "Misty", cream female out of Pearl & Jakey. Born August 3rd, 2020. She will be bred to Teddy or Buck.
"Libby Lu" aka "Libby", cream merle female Dakota Sport Retriever, out of Sparky and Buddy, born October 1st, 2020. 53% actual Golden. Matched up for Spike! A total sweetheart!
"Sunshine" aka "Sunny", cream w/gold ears female Dakota Sport Retriever, out of Rainy and Sammy, born November 14th, 2020. She is 78% actual Golden Retriever. We plan to breed her to Spike and sometimes to Teddy! Fun and friendly!
"Cheyenne Colors", aka "Chey Chey", black & tan merle female Dakota Sport Retriever, out of Chloe and Buck. Baron is keeping her. Super sweet little girl! Perfect temperament. 
"Bitsy Betsy", AKA "Betsy" red w/white female Dakota Sport Retriever, out of Frankie and Scooter. Born January 12th, 2021. Tiny girl at 16.2 pounds. So little! Just adorable!
"Domino Tracker" aka "Domino", black gold/sable merle female Dakota Sport Retriever, out of Bea and Buck, born October 2nd, 2020. As with all black golds, the gold coloring will come in more as she gets older! Smallest of her litter, expected to mature around 20/25 pounds. 59.375% Golden. Her right eye is blue and her left eye is partial blue. Tiny babydoll little girl!
"Wheat Penny" aka "Penny" gold/red female out of Foxy and Buck. Born April 1st, 2021. Extra tiny! She has a cute cowlick and is a really nice little girl!
"Let Mi Bea", AKC "Letty", darker sable female out of Bea & Buck. Born May 14th, 2021. Gentle, sweet, friendly girl!
"Peyton" dark cream/light gold female out of Pixie & Scooter, born July 23rd, 2021. Planned to be paired with Spike. Super sweet baby!
George & Karen Brausen

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Email: dakotasportretriever@gmail.com
"Wren" cream female, out of Bea & Buck, born on November 24th, 2021. Very outgoing, playful girl!
"Molly" red female, out of Foxy & Duncan, born on December 5th, 2021. Very sweet, friendly girl!