Litters on the way.

Josie to Duncan, most will be red and gold colored puppies. Expected to be born around early March 2020. Smaller puppies! 3 deposits so far!

Isabelle to Duncan, for gold to red colored puppies. To mature around 25 to 35 pounds. Due to be born around March 16th, 2020. Preborn deposits accepted! For sure bred. Smaller puppies 1 deposit so far.

Buck to Dusty, hoping for mostly Black Golds, (Brindles), and Sables, but other colors are possible! Golds, blacks, ect. Due to be born around April 8th, 2020.

Buck to Bea, hoping for mostly sables? Some will be merles. Due to be born around late March/early April. (Believed to not have gotten bred?)

Badger to Buddy, colorful puppies, due to be born April 7th, 2020. Foir sure bred, preborn deposits accepted. Puppies will be full siblings to our Bella and Sapphire, seen on "Our Females" page.

Sparky to Sammy, for all cream colored puppies, due to be born around early April, 2020. For sure bred. Preborn deposits accepted. 1 deposit so far.

Candy to Red, for all red colored puppies, due to be born around early to mid April, 2020.

Sweet Pea to Red, for gold to red colored puppies, some may have white markings? Due to be born around mid April, 2020.

Blue Girl to Duncan, colorful puppies, due to be born around April 18th,

Tilly to Chester, for Miniature Saint Bernards, due to be born around mid to late April. We will keep any females that we choose. (1 or 2?) Other females and all males will be available! Preborn deposits accepted.

We can accept preborn deposits on our planned litters. However, if a litter does not happen, your deposit will then go to another litter. Due dates are only estimates. Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before they can leave.

Planned Litters for 2020!  Preborn deposits are accepted.

Indy to Duncan, for chocolate, black, gold/red solid colors. Any of which may or may not be merles?  

Buck to Foxy, for a variety of colors!

Dutchess to Red, for colorful puppies! Many with tan markings. Blacks and blue merles, with or without tan markings, as well as golds and reds possible!

Frankie to Red or Sammy, most will be red, gold is also possible, may or may not be merles?

Annie to Chester, for Miniature Saint Bernards. 3 deposits so far.

Rainy to Sammy, for cream colored puppies.

With our males, Red is the very smallest, with Duncan being the next smallest. Buck will likely mnature to be around the same size as Duncan? Buddy is a nice, medium size, but he is our largest Dakota Sport Retriever breeding male at this time. Sammy being a purebred Golden Retriever is our largest male. However, Sammy is very small for a golden!

With our females, the very smallest are Stubby, Foxy, Frankie, Tinker, Chloe, Josie, Dutchess, Massy, Isabelle, Bea, Indy, Rainy, Blondie, and Sparky. Dixie, Blue Girl, Candy, Elsa, Mandy and Sweet Pea are also smaller girls! Star is the next smallest. Then Dusty and Badger are the largest females.

With the Mini Saints, Jack, being a Shihpoo, is our very smallest dog. Bernie is very small! Chester is taller, but still not very big at all!

With the female Mini Saints, Dakota should mature the smallest, then Nana, Tilly, Annie, Heidi, with Freya being the largest?
Dakota Sport Retrievers

Litters On The Way!
Our Males
Our Females
Please also go to our Contracts page, and fill out the Puppy Contract, along with the $300 preborn deposit.
All parent dogs are Registered Dakota Sport Retrievers. All puppies will also be registered! Puppies can leave 8 weeks or later, after they are born.

Deposits are choosen in the order that they are received, even if they decide to choose from a different litter then they originally put a deposit down on. Deposits are not refundable, but are transferrable to another litter or puppy.
Preborn Deposit
Preborn Deposit
Any merle or hidden merle puppy may, or may not have blue eyes, or one blue eye and one brown eye, or partial blue eyes, or no blue eyes.. (Brown or amber colored eyes are more then likely..)

Our son Baron's male, Buddy, is the only male Sport Retriever that is a Merle. A Merle can never be bred to another merle. (For a healthy puppy, it can only have one merle gene..) Buddy will never be bred to a merle female, or a hidden merle female.

None of our male dogs are merles. Only Buddy, who belongs to Baron.

Our only obvious merle females are Massy, Lena, Blue Girl, and Indy. Our hidden Merle females are: Sophie, Misty, Josie, Sweetpea, Dixie, Rainy, and Blondie.

As much as I would like blue eyed merle/ or hidden merle Sports, all of our girls do not have blue eyes. Rainy does have one blue eye and one brown eye. Blue Girl does have partial blue eyes. Rarely we have sold pups with one or two, or partial blue eyes. However, it is not very common.

Since blue eyes are not for sure able to tell until 6 weeks old or so, most of our blue eyed puppies are sold before they are born, or very shortly after. I have kept a lot of "merle/hidden merle" pups, and always hoped they would have blue eyes. But none of my girls have 2 blue eyes. ;o)
Mia, our son, Gage's spayed female blue merle Sport Retriever, with one blue eye and one brown eye.
Toby, a blue eyed male light gold and white parti pup out of Pebbles and Blue.
Lily, a female cream hidden merle Sport Retriever, with one blue eye and one brown eye, out of Pebbles and Tonka.
"Ethan", a red with white markings male out of Ellie & Pepper, with two blue eyes!
George & Karen Brausen

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